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at home for joining us this week. one story list week almost made it into the best new thing in the world today but got cut at the last minute because something better came along. a story about an arkansas high school marching band turning up at the house of one of their player's grandmothers because grandmother was too ill to go to the game. i still love that story. go, rogers heritage high school. what roger heritage high school of arkansas pushed out of the best new thing in the world segment that day, what got cut from the marching band segment, is what mediaite highlighted as when horrible people unite. when the president of iran spoke at the united nations last week the main news he made, of course, is that everybody walked out on him again like they pretty much always do now whenever he speaks in public. quoting from "the guardian" newspaper reporting on the walkout, u.s. diplomats were first to leave when ahmadinejad referred to the mysterious september 11th incident as a pretext to attack afghanistan and iraq. the mysterious september 11th incident. good-bye, mahmoud. see you lat
destruction program. in return what u.s. trade ford that was bringing gadhafi in from the cold. we pretended like gadhafi wasn't a murderous rogue dictator and narcissistic freak show, and a pretend relationship. a facade to treat libya like a normal country with a normal president. but libya, under moammar gadhafi, was not a normal country and he was an normal president. libya under gadhafi had blown up a 747 over the town of lockerbie. all 259 people on the plane were killed. the people on the ground were killed by falling debris. he blew up a passenger jet in 1989. another 170 people killed there. behind the hijacking of an italian cruise ship and in 1984, someone inside the libyan embassy in london fired at protesters, shot at protesters and killed a police officer. gadhafi is also reported to have had forces storm a prison near tripoli and massacre more than a thousand prisoners there. but then the american relationship with gadhafi went from us bombing libya in 1986 because he was that kind of country and that kind of tyrant, it went from us bombing them in 1986 to this kind of thing.
, rachel. >> thanks to you at home for staying with us the next hour. former secretary of state condoleezza rice already published a memoir of her life. a book about growing up in segregated alabama, her rise to prominence as a russia scholar. her involvement with republican politics, her eventual ascendance to the highest ranks of the george w. bush administration. that book is already done. she published that book last year. but now condoleezza rice has published another one. a 734-page new book of which all 734 pages are apparently about her time in the bush white house. i have not read this book yet, you haven't read it yet either. we not have it yet. it is not out yet. i will read it as soon as it comes out and condoleezza rice, please do an interview with me on this show about your book. i promise i'll read your book, i promise it will be fun. i know you won't come. "the new york times" managed to get a copy of condoleezza rice's book early. the headline of their review of the book reveals the secret of all bush administration officials trying to ensure their careers do not die with t
. good evening, rachel. > thanks to you for staying with us the next hour. if you heard, word of the news tonight came for you on a device for which he was responsible. the iphone, the mac, the ipad. steve jobs was the man behind all of those. tonight, apple, the company he used to run announced steve jobs passed away at the age of 56. apple did not announce a cause of death, but it would be hard to characterize his death as entirely unexpected. mr. jobs stepped down from the company in august. back in 2009, of course, he underwent a liver transplant. and it was seven years ago that he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. just yesterday apple held a press conference unveiling its latest iphone. and i have to tell you, it was viscerally strange. really just profoundly odd not to see steve jobs up there on stage in his little black turtle neck and his jeans. as there were those years in the late '80s and early '90s when steve jobs worked somewhere else. despite that, when you thought of apple, you thought of steve jobs. we thought of apple a lot. just as much as apple was and still is,
with us. we're going to talk to rachel. we're in the ninth year of the war. in an announcement, president obama told the american people the war in iraq was ending, definitively and absolutely the war is over. >> i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. over the next two months, our troops in iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board envoys for the journey home. the last american soldier will cross the border out of iraq with their heads held high proud of their success and knowing that the american people stand united in our support for our troops. that is how america's military efforts in iraq will end. >> for as long as there has been an iraq war, for as long as there have been people arguing in favor of starting a war in iraq, there have been people on the other side of it arguing against it. one of those people arguing against it in very early stages was the man who announced today that that war was ending. and when president obama said this afternoon that it was ending, quote, as promised, he was ta
capehart of the "washington post" and msnbc. thanks very much for joining us tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. >> "the rachel maddow show" is up next. >>> good evening, lawrence. thank you. thanks to you for staying with us the next hour. if you have the kind of job where you have to ask for your days off a long time in advance or if you need to make family travel plans for next year, i have good news from today's news. we can get your election year calendar locked down. now, on friday, as we reported on friday, the state of florida decided to move its republican primary up. they're moving it up really early to january 31st. then after florida made that announcement, like dominos falling right into your winter plans, the other early primary and early caucus states have followed suit and have now all moved up their likely election dates as well. so here's how it looks right now if you want to make a note of it. the iowa caucuses are most likely going to be held on either january 2nd or january 3rd. the new hampshire primary will probably be held on january 10th. nevada has just decided to move
. but like all truly useful problems in the world, having this problem not even solving this problem, just having this problem has helped us at this show gain some valuable insight. in this case, into the today's -- into the most important story in today's news. you may remember a story that we did recently about an awesome anti-nazi t-shirt in germany. a few months ago we covered this story of a white power rock concert taking place in eastern germany and a genius anti-nazi, anti-racism group decided to hand out these t-shirts at the rock show. the first 250 racist skin heads to enter that concert received these t-shirts which aren't particularly overtly racist or anything but look nationalist-ish. they have the right kind of skinheady iconography. these people created crazy t-shirt technology, where once neo nazis proudly wore this t-shirt and laundered them. en the t-shirt came out of the reading in german, quote, what your t-shirt can do, you also can do. we will help you free yourself from right wing extremism. we covered this story back in august. we've since been trying to get actua
can pay half the cost of the affoable care act. there was no bigger government coming to help us out. so we needed to raise taxes to finance it. >> professor gruber, you called it our bill. mitt romney is not going to want you to use that phrase again now that he knows you went into the obama white house and brought our bill to show the obama administration how to do this. jonathan gruber, professor of economics at m.i.t. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> the "rachel maddow show" is up next. good evening, rachel. >>. >>> thanks very much. thanks for staying with uses the next hour. there's a lot to love about the great state of new hampshire. don't get me wrong. there's a lot to love about new hampshire, for example. there's the old man of the mountain. everybody talks about the fact new hampshire has live free or die on their license plates. and they do. it's the state motto. it's awesome. it has die in it which sounds tough. the other thing new hampshire has in the middle, old man of the mountain. a natural rock formation, asterisk, which looks like
is whoever is cooler, whoever has a better campaign, whoever will buy us beer. and god bless the american voter for this. he doesn't and she doesn't get the credit they deserve. the american public are not that shallow. candidates matter of course and so do campaigns, but not that much. not as much as people often think. but you know what does matter thatch, what really drives these elections? the economy. the economy matters. the economy is swroerts look to understand whether the president is doing a good job or a bad one. because though campaign ads might lie, paychecks usually don't. this graph, and come on, you knew i'd bring a graph, shows the share of the vote won by the president's party against the income growth in the year before the election. except when ike was running, everybody liked ike, people liked the end of world war ii, it's a pretty strong relationship. and right up there at the top, way up there, you notice there are three elections we always think of as blowouts of bad candidates. goldwater in '64, mcgovern in '72, and mondale in '84. those were also it turns out the
for joining us. we just lost the signal from kansas. have the last word online at our blog, thelastword.msnbc.com. you can follow my tweets. "the rachel maddow show" is up next. thanks to you at home for staying with us the next hour. this is russell pearce, a republican and tea party favorite. he's president of the state senate in the great state of arizona. russell pearce made a national name for himself last year by pushing through arizona's papers please law. remember sb-1070? at the time the most draconian anti-immigration law in the country before alabama got ahold of the issue. a federal judge has blocked arizona from enforcing major parts of papers please. but in the meantime, arizona voters, angry or grossed out by the whole sb-1070 ordeal started a recall campaign against russell pearce. the campaign said pearce demonstrated overt disdain for the united states constitution. they put this petition out there and russell pearce up for a vote. through no fault of the arizona recallers, they're watching a cautionary tale unfold about the way we make decisions these days in our litt
thank you very much for joining us night. >> thanks a lot, mr. o'donnell. >> you can have "the last word" online at our blog, the last word.msnbc.com. you can follow my tweets, @lawrence. "the rachel maddow show" is up next. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, lawrence. thank you. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. do you believe that fluoride is a communist mind control plot? by any chance. has it ever occurred to you that fluoride might be the means by which our communist overlords are controlling our tiny little drug-addled minds? if you believe that, you are the intellectual inheritor of the john birch society, the cockamamie right-wing conspiracy theorist group that was pretty popular in conservative circles when it was founded back in the late 1950s. john birch society was well organized. it was well funded. it threatened to have a pretty big effect on conservative politics and republican politics for a while, before the republicans realized that, freaked out about it, and shut them out. the john birch society advised their members to run campa
, lawrence. thank you. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. on tuesday january 12th of last year at around 4:50 p.m. local time, the ground began to shake and to shake violently beneath haiti's capital city of port-au-prince. a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck haiti out of nowhere, like all earthquakes, and flattened nearly every standing structure in sight. among the first images we got out of haiti after the earthquake were images like this one. shaky, sort of grainy cell phone videos that were shot by haitians. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. the world is coming to an end. >> "the world coming to an end" is what you heard her say there. one of the most amazing things about the haiti earthquake, is that even before news crews got on the ground there we did get all of this incredible raw footage from the disaster area that people could shoot themselves on their own cell phones. they could upload it, send it to friends and circulate it around the world before any mediation could ever take place. it was one of those striking moments when the democratization of pret
friend used to beat up mit romney at recess. a campaign adviser, quote, whose distaste for romney is vivid. mike huckabee's campaign chairman who went on to become michele bachmann's campaign manager for a while this year, he said in 2008, and i quote, what i have to do is make sure my anger with a guy like romney whose teeth i want to knock out doesn't get in the way of my thought process. there was "time" magazine which described mr. romney as, quote, the candidate who seems to be uniting his republican rivals. quote, the degree to which campaigns played a part cannot be underestimated. quote, the other candidates' staffs have seemed to bonded in their dislike of romney. the aversion of romney seems to go beyond mere policy disagreements. it's also a suspicion of what they see as his hypocrisy and central phoniness. that debate where mitt romney stood all alone without a friend in the world, the debate the next day was headlined as rivals pile on romney. everybody attacking mitt romney during that debate. apparently that was not a plan. it just came naturally. quote, the campaig
for staying at home with us the next hour. this show has been on the air about three years now. in that time our staff developed weird skills. skills like spotting fake crowds and models employed for political purposes. so like the newt gingrich campaign website showing this group of fresh faced americans all looking excitedly toward newt gingrich for the answers. but the other things that we found them doing were things like talking on their cell phones all at once and engaging in various patriotic activities all at once and looking up at the sky for no apparent reason. these are all stock photos of this crowd available for purchase. also when the koch brothers wanted to make it look like firefighters were going to one of their rallies for republicans ahead of the 2010 elections, they purchased this picture of firemen buddies from the website istockphoto.com. there's a ton of these things. yesterday we thought we had found the most unusual one, maybe the best one ever. when a blog called good as you figured out this anti-gay website in new hampshire hadn't just bought a picture of a fake su
. >> i'll to that and have pictures. >>> thanks to you at home for staying with us the next hour. a busy friday night. comedic genius sarah silverman will join us exclusively for the interview. very much looking forward to that. >>> also new york police trying a new tactic today to clear out occupy wall street protesters despite some new proof about just how effective the 99%ers have already been. we have a special old school friday night kind of weepy in a good way cocktail moment coming up at the end of the show. that is all ahead this hour. >>> we begin tonight in the great state of new hampshire. where from the looks of things herman cain is going to have to do more than make a video of his chief of staff on his smoke break saying herman cain is awesome. mitt romney is up by 27 points in new hampshire. herman cain is in second place but way down there. down in the teens. along with ron paul, ron paul at 12% in new hampshire. which is pretty okay for ron paul. it's pretty good for a guy who nobody really thinks has a shot at winning the nomination, but who's mostly in the race to stir
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 105 (some duplicates have been removed)